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What makes Kewanee Coaching special?

My services are unique and first-rate. I have advanced education and training in human behavior, coaching, leadership styles, and business psychology that makes me an unrivaled executive coach. My expertise goes beyond a certification. I've earned a PhD in Business Psychology to help talented and promising leaders like yourself unlock their fullest potential and accomplish their most ambitious leadership goals. I am a licensed psychotherapist (State of Illinois only). I also have corporate HR experience in Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and FedEx. I know intimately what it's like to be a woman of color in corporate spaces and I know what traits and skills these types of companies are looking for in their leaders. Let's work together to shape you into a standout senior leader!


I offer intensive executive coaching to position women for leadership and genuine career satisfaction. In the volatile and unpredictable world of business, it can be hard to determine what precise steps you can take to drive your own success and journey through leadership. I support and assist business-women of color on their journeys toward growth and clarity to make better professional decisions that are aligned with their professional goals.


With a master's degree in clinical psychology and Ph.D. in business psychology, I have been extensively trained and educated to help achievers like yourself advance and transform into the executive leaders that the world needs today. I am committed to helping women modify their behaviors and break the barriers that may be causing career stagnation.


In my own journey, I have acquired over five years in the corporate world in executive talent functions. I have helped to shape executive talent programs at Microsoft, Amazon, FedEx, MillerCoors, and Cox Enterprises. I know what it takes to succeed in corporate America. I strongly believe in my unique ability to create a psychologically safe experience where women can share their setbacks while learning techniques to overcome the challenges in the workforce. My goal is to not only equip women with the power to scale the corporate ladder, but to help them progress to and through leadership by unveiling the potential they have always had.


While working as a team, my clients and I strategize to meticulously define goals and how to achieve them. With the use of scientifically-backed leadership assessment tools and executive coaching interventions, I will help you unlock your greatest leadership potential. Book time with me to discuss how we can work together to drive your success.


If you're ready to take your career as a leader to the next level, contact me today.

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