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Job Search Accelerator Program

Turn your job search over to a professional. Sit back and just show up for your interviews!

Looking for a full-time job IS a full-time job.

Let me invest my time in your job search for you. As a career coach and HR professional, I move through the job search more quickly, efficiently, and successfully than most people. Relax and focus your energy on acing your interviews while I do the tedious work for you.

Resume Rewrite
estimated 8 hours

I will diligently craft and refine your resume to ensure it exhibits the ideal format and content, thus elevating it to the top of the candidate pool. This meticulous process involves tailoring your resume to align seamlessly with your targeted positions, as well as optimizing its content to accentuate your skills, experience, educational background, and noteworthy accomplishments.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization
estimated 6 hours

I will enhance your LinkedIn profile by showcasing your work experience and skills, incorporating impactful media to enhance your personal brand, crafting a compelling headline, customizing your URL, creating an appealing cover photo, and securing a polished professional headshot.

Completed Job Applications
14 hours per week

Are you frustrated with the repetitive task of setting up a new Workday account every time you apply for a job? Do you find it tiresome to go through the process of uploading your resume and manually entering your work experience repeatedly? Let me handle this cumbersome task for you.

Email Monitoring
2 checks per day

I will establish a new Gmail account, accessible to both of us, exclusively designated to enhance your job search efforts. I will diligently monitor this account to track the progress of your job search and promptly inform you of any inquiries from recruiters. You will enjoy complete transparency into my actions, including detailed insights into the number of job applications submitted, recruiter responses received, and interview invitations extended to you.

LinkedIn Content Creation
5 posts per week

LinkedIn content creation is a powerful tool for building your professional identity, expanding your network, and opening up various opportunities in your career. It's a way to share your knowledge, connect with others, and stay relevant in your industry. However, it's time consuming. Let me work as your personal media strategist for four weeks, enhancing and managing your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Networking
6 hours per week

With your permission, I will connect with industry professionals, hiring managers, recruiters, and other individuals on your behalf to expand your professional network and create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, job opportunities, and career advancement.

4 Weeks of Dedicated, Personalized Service

$500.00 USD 

(payment plans available)

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